To Tip Or Not To Tip

To tip or not to tip…that is the question. Well first, I want to start by saying that this post is not about being a cheap-ass. And I in no way wish to offend anyone who relies heavily on tips, or imply that they don’t deserve them. That being said, who invented tipping?

Hear me out. What makes one job more deserving of tips than another job? Now, I understand some jobs don’t pay very well, and so the tips make up for it. But why can’t those jobs just provide better or average pay and be done with the whole tipping game? I’ve never been one to leave a measley tip, or no tip at all. But occasionally, while I’m in the office dealing with angry phone calls and e-mails, heavy workloads and tight deadlines, I ask myself, “Where’s my tip?” People in my industry deal with stupid questions and unpleasant people all the time. So many jobs involve customer service, whether in person or via phone or e-mail. Doesn’t that count?

When you go for a hair cut, you pay for their service, and you’re also expected to leave a tip for your stylist. Why? Because they did the job that they are PAID to do? When you go out for a nice meal, someone takes your order, brings the food to you (sometimes someone other than your waiter) and at the end of it all, you pay for your over-priced food, drinks AND tax (thank you, America) and again…the correct thing to do is tip them for doing their job.

“Dear waiter, thank you so much for taking down my order (like you do countless times a day) and bringing me my food (like you’re paid to do). I know I’m only one of many customers, and I know you have no choice, but I just appreciate your help so very much. Deep down, you probably resent many of your customers, would rather be anywhere else but here, and wish you had someone to bring you your food, but alas…here you are! Job well done! You most definitely deserve every penny I’m leaving you. Thanks!!” — Okay, I’m just saying. NOTHING PERSONAL! I’m not questioning the players, just questioning the game. No disrespect towards anyone, no matter what they do. I usually get very friendly waiters, and it always amazes me how they can carry 6 drinks at a time, or 4 very hot plates without making a mess. I know I could NEVER do that.

I just wonder who started the whole concept of tips. Who decided which jobs deserve tips, and which jobs don’t? It doesn’t seem fair to assume one job is more worthy than another. Shouldn’t people be rewarded for working hard, and not just because it’s required? It’s also interesting to me that there are some countries that don’t tip at all (China, Japan) and then there’s us; Americans are the biggest tippers of all. Maybe we just love things that cost money…taxes, tips, you know.

Okay, well there’s my opinion, or observation, if you will. Sometimes I just have days when I find myself analyzing things that I normally don’t think twice about. So sue me. So there you have it. That’s all…for now.



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