My newest addition to my list of pet peeves: #whatthehellisthis?! Apparently, it’s a twitter thing. But people tend to do twitter things…on FACEBOOK! Are they confused? Do they think it’s cute? #Shouldweallstarttypinglikethis?! Please don’t. Every time I see those kinds of posts, it just doesn’t seem like a human being is writing it. #wecomeinpeace

Another twitter thing people do on facebook…update their status every 25 seconds. No one, not your mom, not your best friend, NO ONE wants to know that you just threw up three times, that you’re sitting on the crapper, or that you’re breast feeding your baby. AND no one wants to read your “pity me” comments. “I have a cold, feel like death…ughhhh.” “WORST day ever. FML.” I mean, occasionally I like to rant about stuff that most people relate to, like road work. There’s been road work going on and off forever ON my street, and there’s just nothing more irritating than having traffic build up right outside your home, and having to drive on poorly patched (and re-patched, and then patched again) roads. Understandable though, right? But I don’t feel like letting the world know when I feel nauseous, or fat, or what time I plan on doing a load of whites!

And while I’m on the annoying facebook train…most people don’t want to see pictures of your face EVERY DAY either. I know the site name can lead you to believe it’s all about faces (the FACE book), but enough with the mirror pics already. We KNOW what you look like. We’ve seen you from all camera angles. And we sure as HELL don’t want to see a pile of your dirty laundry! (Yes, people do that.) Boundaries, people, boundaries. Facebook is fun and all, but some people overdo it. Share the important things in your life, update your pictures ONCE in a while. But if 20 of your posts show up on my news feed by late afternoon, you might need to consider the fact that you may have a serious problem.

UMMM…no offense. 😉


7 thoughts on “#whatthehello?!

  1. Found it… Completely agree. I feel some people like to remind you they are alive, hence the status updates every 5 minutes. It’s a bit weird and annoying though. I have one friend who posts everything he reads online, and I mean everything. Then he tags people in it as if to say “you, yes you, read this… READ IT!”. If I want to read it I’ll click on it, don’t force me to. Wow, 2 rants about Facebook in one day, I must be getting old

    1. Haha, glad you found it. Yeah, I don’t know why some people think they’re SO important they have to update 50 million times. I don’t have that problem of being tagged in someone else’s shit, because, you know, I’m not that important. 😀

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