Hello there,

I realize there’s a 99.99% chance no one is reading this, and maybe no one ever will. But that’s okay. I’ve always had an interest in writing. It was my best subject in school, and when I was younger, I had an online diary. Now, I wrote really stupid things back then, but it was fun having people comment on my posts, and reading other people’s posts as well. My best friend and co-worker, Michelle, started her blog here, so I thought I would, too. Not to be a copy-cat…I just thought it was a cool idea. And oddly enough, my horoscope (and I’m not one to read those things, but I was flipping through a random magazine) said if I was thinking about starting a blog, now was the time.

So here’s to the beginning of a blog that is bound to be totally random. We’ll see!



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